Prototypical is a full service UX, digital product design and development agency. We work with a variety of clients around the world.

ALBION and Prototypical worked in close collaboration to design a digital experience for four distinct brands under the main ALBION Garden brand.
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No Egos. No Bullshit.
Just Great Work.
We listen, empathize and provide honest feedback to our clients.
We always work in the client’s best interest.

We design to help you get to market quickly.

Through continuous iterations and testing validations, we create a future-proofed, resilient product for you.

Prototypical has been awarded a place in the  Top B2B Companies in the United States in 2020

Clutch "Top B2B Agency in the United States 2020"
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Prototypical has been awarded a place in the  Top B2B Companies in the United States in 2020

Zeplin Agency Member

UX Design and Strategy

Solid foundations and design architecture house interactions that affords a great user experience. We design the right patterns that are contextually suitable for your users. The micro-interactive behaviors of widgets, notifications and embedded systems of help within the architecture, all serve to accelerate user tasks through simplicity, elicit positive emotion through success and provides an affirmative feeling of flow and momentum.

Product Design and Content Strategy

We move rapidly, involve real users, iterate and test, leading to increased user acquisition and adoption. We help our partners develop a long-term product strategy through user-centered design and bridging business and design goals. These principles create a competitive positioning for their products.

Full Stack Development

To bring our clients vision to life, we utilize the best practices in end-to-end development that allows for continuous delivery. Our capabilities include architecture planning, e-commerce, web responsive platforms, mobile app development and platform applications, API integrations, custom CMS development and technology management.


We help our clients invest in optimization by auditing their site structures, strategize plans of action, implement SEO best practices, run SEM keyword explorations and help build their ad campaigns.

Purposely Small and Nimble.

Like a delicious roast pork bun, we're a bun with lots of filling.
Prototypical Bun Mascot - Ernie
Less fluff, more filling.
We aim for every bite to be satisfying to our clients and their users.

Happy Clients,
Happy Life

“They have built a strong development team around them to bring their [clients'] creative visions to life."
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Director, Digital Marketing
KOSE America
"They truly enjoy the challenge of implementing a client's vision."
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Head Analyst
"They exceed our project management expectations, always beating deadlines."
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Marketing Manager
Starbird Chicken
"I was really impressed by their ability to easily digest complex concepts into a visual atmosphere and narrative."
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Oleander Consulting LLC
"They are extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with."
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"[The] team not only executed on the work requested, but also came to the table with innovative new ideas."
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VP Marketing

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