UX Research & Strategy Roadmap
Work with the CEO to understand their users and formulate a national sales strategy
Problem Statement:

The client launched their retail business for curvy high fashion and sales were not optimal. The CEO wanted an inspection of their current website and usability recommendations on how to improve the retail site's overall user experience. Most of all the CEO felt that he didn't know "Who his customers actually were." He also wanted to strategy roadmap for who, where and how to target his primary target audience to accelerate and optimize his sales strategy.

Goals & Purpose:

The primary ask was to run a usability inspection on their current site, then to run user interviews and craft a persona of their primary customer as well as supporting user journeys. We would conduct user interviews with both customers and plus-size fashion influencers on Coedition's behalf.

Project Contributions:
Project Results:

The project deliveries were successful in data-informing the CEO of who the customers where, where they were, what their shopping habituations are and providing recommendations on how to improve the user experience of their retail website. The research, strategy and UX design recommendations was leveraged and referenced by IDEO for the design phase.

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