Starbird Chicken

Positively Delicious Design

We created a scalable, responsive website for Starbird Chicken that is reflective of their brand to increase ordering conversions.

The Culinary Edge
May 2019

The Ask

Website Redesign & Relaunch

Work with the executive stakeholders from parent company, The Culinary Edge, to create new website and launch

Starbird Chicken and its parent company The Culinary Edge reached out to us to bring forth a new and refreshed digital experience for Starbird Chicken’s website that is fully reflective of the brand mission and tells the brand narrative. Along with visual appeal, there is an opportunity to build a flexible design architecture that will scale in relation to the continued growth of Starbird. The executive leadership at Starbird realized that they needed both the art and science of user experience to help them move towards their goals of brand and business expansion.

Positively Delicious!

Evolution. Not Revolution

The goal was to evolve their website to afford a new look and feel, redesign and partner with Starbird to increase customer engagement through a redesigned site architecture while maintaining brand standards and guidelines. The idea was an evolution, not a full revolution of their customer facing website.

Responsive Design

Project Phases:

  1. Market and User Research / Branding
  2. Brainstorming Conceptual Directions
  3. Design Architecture
  4. UX / Visual Design / Content Strategy
  5. Development
  6. UX Enhancements & Integration
  7. Zapier Email Forms
  8. Social Media Microsite
  9. Continuous Post-launch maintenance

Project Contributions:

  1. Strategy
  2. Product Roadmapping
  3. User Research / UX design
  4. Creative Product Design
  5. Branding
  6. Responsive Web Development
  7. Software Application Architecture
  8. Logistics Integration Development
  9. Third Party Ordering Systems Integration
  10. Sales / Engagement  Acceleration Enhancements
  11. Quality Assurance
  12. CX, Analytics & Optimization
  13. Virtual / Sibling Brand Expansion
  14. Kiosk Ordering Dashboard Improvement


The successful launch of the new website was a result of true collaboration and planning between us and Starbird's executive stakeholders, product and sales teams. The work is on-going as they have moved towards an innovation phase for their brand.