Jill Stuart Beauty

A unique cosmetics shop

Brand Introduction to North America / Website Design & Development

KOSÉ America
September 2018

The Project

KOSE the parent firm from Japan wanted to bring their Jill Stuart Beauty brand to the North American markets. They needed E2E design expertise to bring their vision to reality. This was KOSE's first major brand that they wanted to introduce to a new market. Our team was selected to help conceptualize, brainstorm, design and develop a new e-commerce website to showcase one of their flagship brands in a new market.

Goals & Purpose

The primary goal was to create an emotionally and visually appealing e-commerce website built on the Shopify platform. The ultimate goal was not only to increase the brand recognition for Jill Stuart Beauty in North America, but to be the leading strategy the parent company could learn from and to subsequently start bringing more major brands to this new market.

Project Phases

Phase 1 Shopify:
  1. Market and User Research / Branding
  2. Design Architecture
  3. UX / Visual Design / Content Strategy
  4. Custom Development
  5. Order fulfillment and shopping logistics
  6. Warehouse Integration
  7. Custom Scripting / Automation
  8. UX Enhancements & Integration
  9. Product Zoom /
  10. Smart Messaging in Cart
  11. Data Analytics & Performance
  12. Full Mobile Responsiveness
Phase 2 Shopify Plus:
  1. Continuous UX Enhancements & Features Expansion / Integration
  2. Smile - Reviews
  3. Okendo - Rewards
  4. Custom Single Page Shopping Cart
  5. On-going Sales Channel, CX and Usability Analysis


Successful collaboration and planning between executive stakeholders, product, sales, design and technology led to a successful relaunch of their branded website. The work is on-going as they have moved towards an innovation phase for their brand.