Growing startup, grownup website

Redesign of the startup's website from off the shelf template to bespoke design.

March 2019

Public Safety

Fusus, a leading tech startup in the public security space, brought us on to elevate their digital presence. They were previously using an off the shelf Webflow template for their site. While the site worked, the template has not been able to grow along with the firm. The executive team wanted a bespoke site that showed the breadth of offerings, reflected their brand, their industry that resonates with their customers. We created a robust website on the Webflow platform that allowed the client to quickly update and publish content.

Security Operations in the Cloud

Project Goals

Prototypical was tasked to reimagine the visual language and interaction model of this new site. The new site needed to include video narratives and thought leadership content on public safety. In a sea of competitors that includes big names in tech, the website is one of the communication and marketing channels to show off key differentiators. The website traffic data indicated these same competitors visit the Fusus site for their own marketplace research. The big challenge is to market just enough of the product offerings without giving away the secret sauce. Our solution was to appeal to emotion through visual and content.

Responsive site. It works on the phone!


Beyond the keywords and meta tags that everyone else is using, we created a long-term plan optimization and digital marketing plan. We researched the value of keywords to maximize efficiencies. The research affected the content structure and UX of the website. As part of the partnership with Fusus, we continually monitor the success of campaigns and provide recommendations on their designs and implementation.


  • Visual design and digital product design
  • Interaction and experience models
  • Video editing
  • Webflow CMS creation
  • Custom development within Webflow
  • Style guide creation
  • SEO optimization
  • Lucky Orange monitoring


We've heard from both Fusus investors and customers how much impactful the new site is. In such a niche space, the Fusus narrative is very important and the site allows for the client's story to be in a spirited way. As of April 2020, they have onboarded several new clients from responses through the site.

With the success of this initial work with Fusus, we have continued our partnership to develop the actual products. Stay tuned!